Wikipedia is an excellent resource for for my classes. Here’s why:

2 thoughts on “Wikipedia is an excellent resource for for my classes. Here’s why:”

  1. A lot of what you say here (and in the forums/wiki in our class) have sparked some interesting conversations between my husband and me. It really is getting to the point that students might not need to write research papers in which they just find information about a topic and report it–as I do with my younger students when introducing the researching/research paper process. I might have to make some changes in which they start researching something to analyze the information. As the students find that memorization is not necessary, but knowing HOW to find the information, it might behoove me to make some adjustments and create some lessons in which the students learn the skill of making an argument and knowing how to support it with the information they find. Otherwise, if they are just reporting information about a topic, they could use one source and be done with it. You’ve prompted some excellent brainstorming ideas for me, Mr. Neil–thank you!

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Sorry for the slow response.

      I’m glad to hear that! Thanks for letting me know that it’s got you thinking and you and your husband talking about it too!

      I’m having issues convincing kids that it matters to research something deeply. It’s very here’s the question, here’s my answer type of “research” that they want to do. I’m sure we all run up against this, but it is one of the hardest things for me because I want them to understand that deep thinking and actual research matters. Understanding a topic deeply matters.

      They do not agree. *L*

      A lot of what I’ve been trying to teach to my 10th graders is what you described above. Making an argument, supporting it with evidence and showing your thought process.

      Thanks again for the thoughtful comment. I always appreciate them!



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