John Green’s Crash Course World History

3 thoughts on “John Green’s Crash Course World History”

  1. Scott Burmeister – 5-B-3
    That was awesome! I can’t wait to share it with my History teacher friend. He loves doing things differently. This program throws out so much stuff and is soo witty that students will need to watch it twice or more to catch it all. I wish I had something so good in my Business Class! Nice find and great share! Kind of reminds me of Tosh 2.0 (sp?) without all the searing and offensive content.

    Again. Thanks for sharing and I can easily see how the now generation would eat this up.

    1. Scott,

      Sorry for the slow reply here. Thanks man! I really enjoy the videos and the kids like them too. Like you said it is so fast that some of them get overwhelmed with it. Some are willing to watch twice and some not. Those who do are rewarded by a super in depth video.

      I’ll keep my eye out for business ones. His brother does a ton of science, so if you know any science teachers you can pass that on too!

  2. Ok. My comment seems to have a white text and sun yellow background color. Programming failure. I hope it doesn’t stay like that on your blog. I can’t read the contrast failure and I am sure you might be blinded as well. Nice job on the post. Hope you can read this comment.

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