I Recommend Gmail and Google Docs

3 thoughts on “I Recommend Gmail and Google Docs”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, and I wish my own children had a teacher like you who taught them these much needed skills early on! In my district, our staff uses Google Docs all the time. Gone are the days of a million emails flying around when trying to collaborate on something. We often work on shared documents together (according to our own time schedule). It’s great that we don’t all have to pick a mutually agreeable time anymore to meet. But Google Docs are also cool since everyone can be online at the same time working on the same document. Teachers at my school use it to record specific scores that can then be shared with others, and as mentioned before to work collaboratively on other projects. I just recently used it to create training presentations for our elementary teachers. I found that I could download them into a PowerPoint format to be saved on my computer; however, the greatest benefit I found was that I could access the presentations through my Google account from any computer, any location! If I love working with the Google Docs app with my colleagues, I can only imagine how much my students would benefit also. Like you said, they need these online collaboration skills, and the earlier they are exposed to them the more comfortable they will be when they exit high school.

  2. I agree as well. I did not start using Google applications until this past spring and I will never go back. Your list to show students is great. I like that you tell them they need to learn something other than text speak. I also tell my students to set up an email account to use for college applications and other professional reasons. I have a side business other than teaching and Google has helped me stay organized. I can just upload information to Google and access it anywhere. Great use of web applications.

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