Using RSS With Flipboard

I will be using RSS through my social magazine reader “Flipboard” on my iPad.  Flipboard is exactly like an RSS reader, except that it puts your subscriptions in a beautiful visual layout of tiles.  Flipboard mimics the experience of reading a magazine and makes subscribing to and reading about your interests easy.  You can even … Continue reading Using RSS With Flipboard

Student Blogging Project That Impressed Me

I stumbled upon an excellent blogging project that David Theriault wrote about on his blog.  Mr. Theriault chronicles how he taught his students to blog over the course of the year.  He gives an excellent breakdown of what he did, what worked, and what didn’t work. Here’s a link to his post: I’ve been … Continue reading Student Blogging Project That Impressed Me

Goals and Visions

What would I like to accomplish?  I’d like to teach a class to students that changes their lives: a  class that gets them to think for themselves and a class that makes them want to be somebody, that makes them want to be their best selves.  I want my students to dream big, work hard, … Continue reading Goals and Visions


I get to do what I love every day. I get to teach young people. We learn together. It’s awesome. My experiences working with young people have shaped me. When you teach kids, you have incredible breakthroughs and moments of failure. It’s messy. I would like to share what I can with students in and out of … Continue reading Why?